Off the Grid comes to Menlo Park


Menlo Park recently showcased its newest attraction. Off the Grid, which supports local street food vendors in the Bay Area, held its first Wednesday night event on Feb. 19. The evening featured over a dozen food trucks, as well as live music, lighting and chairs.

Attendees enjoyed Indian food from Curry Up Now, clam chowder from Sam’s Chowder House and strawberry-frosted treats from Kara’s Cupcakes, among other delights. The event lasted from 5 to 8 p.m.

Long hours of planning went into making the initiative a reality. The Menlo Park Planning Commission authorized Off the Grid to bring the trucks to the corner of the Caltrain station parking lot in January. Several small local businesses and residents opposed the approval of Off the Grid in Menlo Park for fear of losing business, noisiness or lack of parking. The commissioners granted Off the Grid a one-year use permit, but the issue will be revisited in six months.

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