San Mateo County helps nonprofits fight foreclosures (VIDEO)

San Mateo's Board of Supervisors recently approved over $100,000 in funding to pay for initiatives to support to local nonprofits fighting foreclosures in the county. For credit counselors such as Keisha Woods with Northern California Urban Development in East Palo Alto, that aid means hope for homeowners in a county underserved by larger organizations battling foreclosures.
At a September meeting in San Mateo County's Government Center in Redwood City, the board of supervisors earmarked $100,000 to help nonprofits fight foreclosure.

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A handful of nonprofits fighting home foreclosures in San Mateo County have a new ally — the County Board of Supervisors.

Despite recently slashing the county budget, the board in late September approved over $100,000 in general fund money to support local nonprofits working to prevent foreclosures in the county, which San Mateo Housing Director Duane Bay said is under-served by larger organizations battling the national crisis.

That money will help groups such as Northern California Urban Development, a nonprofit in East Palo Alto, in part by paying for grant applications for state and federal funds smaller organizations lack the resources and manpower to apply for.

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