Midnight crowd forms at Twin Peaks watching for flakes, but snow barely shows

Kathryn Roethel contributed to this report.
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Did it snow much in San Francisco overnight? The answer for about 50 weather watchers gathered in the Twin Peaks neighborhood around 2 a.m. was ‘snow way!

The New York Times and local website isitsnowinginsfyet.com both reported that parts of San Francisco, including Twin Peaks, received a light dusting of snow shortly after midnight. However, at 1:30 a.m., the Twin Peaks streets were dry and the night sky was cloudless. The neighborhood is at an elevation of roughly 900 feet.

Still, it hasn’t snowed in San Francisco since 1976, so insomniac city dwellers couldn’t resist the chance to see a few flakes.  About 50 people bundled up and drove or walked to scenic lookout points atop Twin Peaks early Saturday morning.

Yoke Yin Kong, an SF State student, rallied five friends to rent a Zipcar at 1:30 a.m. and drive up the hill. All students in the group were originally from Malaysia and none of them had ever seen snow, Kong said. They were disappointed but still smiling as they huddled together looking over the city lights.

Jenny Kan of San Francisco gathered six friends to go out in search of snow at 2:30 a.m. “The weather app on my iPhone showed snowflakes…” she said. “I wonder who the source was!”

Her friends laughed and added that they were still having fun and didn’t regret the adventure. “It’s funny that there are so many people up here,” Becca Jia said. “It’s still a good view. It’s magical.”

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