Peninsula Hangouts – Palo Alto hookah lounge gives western twist to Middle East classic (VIDEO)

Billal Asghar frequently comes to Palo Alto's Hookah Nites lounge to catch up with friends and enjoy the Peninsula's twist on a Middle Eastern tradition. (Photo: Whitney Moutnain)

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Peninsula Press reporters have created a six-part collaborative video project on unique hangout spots in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. The videos profile individuals in a character-driven narrative to reveal hidden aspects of these communities.

Why do people return to these places? What makes the environments special? What is something only people “in the know” would understand?

At each of the hangout locations in this series, we’re hoping to reveal what is unique, what the people who hang out there have in common, and what they find most fulfilling.

This video features the modern twists Palo Alto’s Hookah Nites Lounge has brought to this Middle Eastern social tradition.

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