A Night at the Independent – small SF concert venue gets big acts (VIDEO)

The Independent is a relatively small venue in the San Francisco live music scene. This film, which features Bay Area band Diego's Umbrella, shows how it sets itself apart from larger, more corporate concert halls.

The San Francisco live music scene has expanded in recent years and concertgoers have many choices when it comes to attending shows. The Independent, a 500-person capacity venue in the city’s NOPA district, is a relatively small venue that attracts a wide range of acts. The venue features everything from established artists looking to play an intimate show to up-and-coming bands looking for their big breaks.

By being accommodating and taking a friendly, laid-back approach with bands, the Independent has built a strong reputation among touring acts. The venue’s superior sound and small size also make it appealing to music lovers looking for a positive concert-going experience. Ultimately, the Independent is a prime model for how smaller, independently-owned venues of its type can compete and even thrive in the same music landscape as corporate conglomerates.


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  1. says: Natalie

    Cool vid! I need to go check this place out sometime. I’ve heard so many great things.

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