A waterless car wash? Redwood City business hopes to be just that [VIDEO]

“Water is a scarce resource, and some people don’t realize,” said Anton VanHoppen, owner of the Eco Green Auto Clean car wash company in Redwood City. This unusual type of car wash emphasizes sustainability by using just one cup of water when detailing automobiles — city governments estimate washing a car at home uses 10 gallons of water per minute.

Eco Green Auto Clean initially opened last August as a showroom for VanHoppen’s cleaning products, but it has found its niche operating as a full car wash. Hand washes begin at $14.99, and head of marketing Nancy Terry hopes customers will purchase monthly memberships. Eco Green is also partnering with Silicon Valley companies and washing their employees’ cars on site. This video explains how the local company hopes to build customer loyalty in the eco-conscious Bay Area.


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