Superheroes wash windows, bring smiles to local children’s hospital

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s a window-washing Superman?

Patients and visitors at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto got a surprise on Tuesday when they looked out the window to see Spiderman and Superman repelling down from the roof. These superheroes were there to spread a little joy to the patients.

This was the second time for a whimsical window-washing program that is the brainchild of Efrain Guerra, director of housekeeping services at the hospital. He got the idea from another children’s hospital and then contacted Delta Window Cleaning, whose employees agreed to don the costumes and meet some of the kids. The original plan included Batman. Unfortunately, his black rubber suit proved to be a bit warm for this sunny October day.

Young patients, some in hospital masks and trailing IV pumps, pointed to their favorite characters and spoke in hushed tones. One young fan, clad in a Spiderman T-shirt, gazed out the window, entranced by having his hero so close at hand.

Some were a little more shy. Daisy Gasca, 6, approached Spiderman with her brother Angel, 8. She was reluctant at first so her mom murmured words of encouragement in Spanish. Fortunately for this young lady, Spidey spoke Spanish and softly asked her if she wanted a high-five, which won a big grin from Daisy.

Oliver Rodeheffer-Villa, 16 months, perched in his dad’s arms while watching the characters. “He loved seeing Spidey,” said his dad, Dan Rodeheffer. “He wasn’t scared at all.” Dad was a huge fan of the superhero idea. “It’s great, it makes sense, if you’re going to do something like clean the windows…you might as well have some fun with it.”

On most days, Superman is better known as Oscar Urzua. “This was my first time doing this,” he said in Spanish, “and I was really happy to have a moment with the kids.”

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