From NASA engineer to cake maker: Menlo Park’s BethAnn Goldberg creates unique cakes


BethAnn Goldberg is one of the gems that hide within the streets of Menlo Park. The Stanford grad and former NASA engineer became a cake maker after the requests from friends and family became too much to handle by herself. Now, her Studio Cake bakery is known for its tasty — and kind of crazy — cakes.

The sculpted cakes are made in shapes like those of robots, animals and cars. According to Goldberg, these kinds of decorated cakes are usually requested by those who want to host an “over-the-top” party. Her background as an engineer also helps her deal with the weird requests that come her way. Goldberg said she does 2D and 3D CAD designs for the most complicated cakes. “Engineering prepares you for problem solving,” she said.

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