Shaved snow trend heats up in Mountain View


The Bay Area foodie scene boasts local produce, fresh seafood, hot dim-sum, mean burritos and more. Shaved snow, a frozen dessert that is popular in Asia, might not be at the top of one’s mind when conjuring up a local signature dish.

Teague Ho left his career behind as an architect and got his wife, Jennypher Doan, on board to change that. They joined family members-turned-partners Tom Ho and Mary Nguyen to open SnoZen in Mountain View, Calif., in September.

Prior to that, the team dedicated themselves to study with a man who had trained in Taiwan to make the dessert. Then they perfected their own secret blend of ice, condensed milk and other sweet ingredients, such as mango, chocolate and taro.

In this video, Teague Ho demonstrates how they make shaved snow and Doan talks about getting the delicate consistence just right. Also featured are Annalisa Merlini and Lindsey Mangale, who talk about why a diverse food scene is important to them as Bay Area locals.

Listen to reporter Sara Hayden explain the story behind the story on KZSU Stanford’s “Peninsula Report” radio show with host Eliza Ridgeway:

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