Fishing and whale-watching company stays strong, even when the fish aren’t biting


In 1949, Salvatore “Randy” Randazzo established Randy’s Fishing and Whale Watching Trips, a company that encouraged fun, affordable, family-oriented recreation out on the water. Today, “Randy’s” is one of only two companies left on the Monterey Wharf. Weather permitting, six days per week you can find at least one of the company’s two vessels more than 10 miles off the coast of Monterey or Moss Landing.

While Randy’s takes its customers out to sea for all kinds of fish and whale-watching excursions, this particular day was all about salmon fishing. Due to their size and strength (they “pull hard” according to expert fishermen), salmon are notoriously difficult to catch. This has been made all the more challenging by drought conditions in California over the past 18 months, as a large number of salmon have been unable to make their way to the salty Pacific Ocean from lakes and rivers throughout California.

This particular day on the water was difficult for Randy’s crew and customers. A “slow bite,” as the crew likes to say, contributed to the catching of only four fish by the entire boat of more than 20 passengers, whereas the day before produced 21 total fish. Additionally, several members of the excursion were dealt a harsh hand of sea-sickness.

All-in-all, however, it was still a fun day on the water. As the saying goes: any day fishing is better than a day at work!

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