Prop 26 may make it harder for San Mateo to improve roads (VIDEO)

San Mateo County voters approved Measure M to fund road repairs. But, California Prop 26, which also passed, will require two-thirds of voters to pass the measure again in one year.

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By passing Measure M last week, San Mateo County residents showed a commitment to improving roads. The measure will charge a $10 vehicle license fee and is expected to generate $350,000 in additional revenue for the city of San Mateo alone. The city will use the funds to repair streets.

However, voters also passed state Proposition 26 last week. This law makes it harder for state and local lawmakers to raise fees and will require San Mateo County voters to vote on Measure M again in one year. On Nov. 2, Measure M passed with almost 55 percent of the vote, but in order to pass next year, it will need two-thirds of voter approval.

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