Reports of coyote attacks in Santa Clara County double in 2010 (VIDEO)

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Santa Clara County officials received 11 calls from concerned residents fearing coyote attacks in 2010 — a jump from the five calls averaged between 2002-2009. Santa Clara County Vector Control, which handles such incidents, attributes the jump to this year’s increased coyote population. Wildlife officials urge residents to keep a safe distance if they see coyotes and supervise pets and children when they’re outside.

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1 thought on “Reports of coyote attacks in Santa Clara County double in 2010 (VIDEO)”

  1. This is an interesting report, but while discussing “taking preventive measures,”, the reporter does not say what those are. Check for good guidance. Here are some tips:
    –Never feed coyotes or leave scraps out for them. This practice will attract them to your home and neighborhood.
    –Coyotes fear humans, but if you feed them, they can lose this fear.
    –Keep pet food inside.
    –Don’t allow pets to wander, especially at night.
    –Walk dogs on leashes.
    –Put tightly covered trash out on collection day only.
    –Clean up your barbeque grill and clean under birdfeeders. Messy birdfeeders can attract rodents and these will attract coyotes.
    –If a coyote comes too close, shout, wave your arms, clap, blow a whistle or open an umbrella to scare it away.
    –Coyotes help the ecosystem by eating rodents, insects, roadkill and the smaller mammals that prey on baby birds. Let’s appreciate coyotes and keep them wild!

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