Who revived the electric car? (VIDEO)

Electric and hybrid cars remain more expensive than their gasoline counterparts, but this year, governments and corporations are working to make alternative fuel vehicles more popular and easier to own.
A Redwood City resident purchased the first new, all-electric NISSAN LEAF last month. (Photo: NISSAN Motors)

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It was not long ago that the electric car was famously “killed.” However, alternative fuel vehicles are increasing in popularity. In model year 2011, both General Motors and Nissan are introducing fully electric cars into their fleets.

The technologies that power these cars remain more expensive than their gasoline counterparts.

Governments at the state, local and national levels, private corporations and nonprofit organizations are working together to make hybrid and electric vehicles easier to own through a variety of programs ranging from specialized infrastructure to tax breaks.

The hope is that investment in so-called green technologies with both bolster the economy and lead to a cleaner environment.

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