Long Weekend StayCations: Elephant seals abound at Ano Nuevo State Park (VIDEO)

Spanish explorer Sebastian Vizcaino sailed by Ano Nuevo on Jan. 3, 1603. It was named for the day on which his crew sighted it. (Photo: Doug Ray)

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In the second installment in the Peninsula Press StayCations series, we visit Ano Nuevo State Park near Pescadero, Calif. on the Pacific Coast between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz.

Ano Nuevo is famous for being the winter home for a colony of over 2,000 northern elephant seals. The seals normally stay at Ano Nuevo between December and March.

Reservations are required for visitors looking to visit the seals until they depart for their feeding grounds in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Travelers should be advised, the weather at Ano Nuevo State Park can be very volatile. It is best to pack a sturdy raincoat and a good pair of hiking shoes.

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