Old electronics help Los Altos High cheerleaders get to nationals (VIDEO)

The Los Altos High School cheer team is getting ready to compete for a national championship in Anaheim at the end of March.  They’re practicing some new moves, perfecting their acrobatics and raising money to help with travel expenses.

They did a bake sale, of course.  But the real money came from an e-waste drive — collecting old printers, microwaves, TVs, computers and cables collecting dust in neighbors’ garages.  GreenMouse, a San Jose-based recycling company, breaks down the items and sells the scrap plastics, metals and other components.  Half the proceeds go to the cheer team.


Last year, Los Altos High was one of GreenMouse’s most successful donors, raising $2,500 for the Associated Student Body in just one weekend.  This year’s tally isn’t in yet, but organizers estimated that about 400 cars pulled through the donation drive.

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