San Francisco Zoo earns its stripes; unveils new tiger cub [VIDEO]

The San Francisco Zoo introduced a new furry face to the world last month. One of its Sumatran tigers, Leanne, gave birth to a healthy cub.¬†At 8-weeks-old, the tiny tiger was ready to join its mom on public display at the zoo’s tiger exhibit. There are less than 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, mostly in Indonesia.

The zoo’s tiger enclosure includes hay bails, toys, and a stair case. In early April, Leanne grabbed her cub in her mouth and tried to back out of the narrow stairwell. She and the cub fell about 6 feet to the ground below. But both tigers quickly rebounded and appeared to not to notice the fall. Leanne is often seen carrying the cub around the exhibit despite the cub’s many attempts to run away and play.

View the video for a gaze into the life of the tiger cub at the San Francisco Zoo.


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