Mountain View residents recall bygone days

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City documents say that Mountain View has experienced “moderate growth” during the last couple decades, but some long-time residents who have lived through it say that growth has felt much greater.

Now, the population hovers just above 74,000 residents, but Mary Kay “Marina” Marinovich, a descendent of agricultural laborers from Croatia, said she remembers her hometown during a time when there were just 6,000 people. Charles “Chuck” Hayden recalls a time when he could walk downtown and know everyone, but since he arrived in the 1960s, the businesses have changed.

What people value has changed too.

“[W]hen I was growing up, it was much more about the Sunset Magazine mentality where it was all about how beautiful your yard was and how your fruit and flora and fauna was. And now it’s all about how big the house is, so that’s a really big shift,” said Marinovich. “I really hope it goes back to the Sunset Magazine approach to living.”

In this podcast, Marinovich and Hayden share a glimpse of Mountain View’s past.

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