San Mateo election will shape city’s leadership for the next four years

Update, 11/6/2013: The election results are in; incumbents David Lim and Robert Ross have retained their seats, and newcomer Joe Goethals has taken the third. The ballot measure results are as follows:

Passed: Measure R, Measure S, Measure W, Measure X, Measure T, Measure U and Measure Q.

Defeated: Measure P and Measure V.


With several ballot measures awaiting approval, and three city council seats up for grabs, San Mateo’s Nov. 5th General Municipal Election will shape the city’s leadership for the next four years. Parcel taxes and bond measures dominate the ballot, while infrastructure issues and business concerns are the focus of the city council elections.

With two incumbents running for re-election along with three newcomers for three city council seats, the leadership of San Mateo is guaranteed to see some new blood come Dec. 5, when the victors of the Nov. 5 election will begin their four-year terms.

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