New Palo Alto homes now electric vehicle friendly


New houses built in Palo Alto will have to be prewired for electric vehicle chargers, the city council unanimously approved late last year.

The cost of the wiring would add up to $500 to the cost of a new home, close to a price for a regular permit. However, the costs of prewiring are ten times cheaper than the cost of additional wiring.

Californians buy approximately 1,000 new electric vehicles (EVs) every month, making Palo Alto a city with more EVs per capita than any other in the country.

Before demoing his buzzing pet, Sven Thesen, who also proposed the plan to the city officials, loaned his car to Amy Zucker Morgenstern, Unitarian Universalist Church minister. Like Thesen, their church adopted an donation-based model for their curbside charger to be open to the public.

Zucker Morgenstern herself was thrilled with the experience she had when using her first-ever electric car. “I just love its quietness; other than that you wouldn’t know it’s an electric car,” she said.

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