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3 thoughts on “A Facebook Story — The social media posts that located missing Stanford student”

  1. I still don’t get it, was he lost in the forest or what? He just didn’t have coverage to contact his family? did h e finally contact them or just someone sighted him? So vague . . .

  2. As a grandmother of 7 curious and extrabright “kids” several college grads now, I wept when I read the wonderful responses to help finding this young man. We of my generation (I’m 75) who have traveled and who have backpacked, explored caves, rafted in New Zealand, boated in Alaska , and more…. and live in a redwood forest in the mountains, marvel at how these very same intelligent, curious souls, survive when they do last minute decisions without communicating to someone, anyone, where they are going. Never hike alone anywhere. At least take your dog along. Too many of our bright young people do just “disappear”. Glad he was one of the lucky ones. JANCH.

  3. Hmmm… this seems to be more of a story about the over-communication that we’re used to these days and that without it we assume something’s wrong. I think about a trip I took to Europe for a summer (before facebook, before twitter, before email, before cell phones) where I would be out of touch with family for weeks. No one panicked. Parents tempered their concerns with the knowledge that they had confidence in their children. The “mission accomplished” tone here strikes me as odd… seems more like it should be “uh, sorry everyone.”

    … and, yes, I have children. 🙂

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