Coming up roses — Valentine’s is biggest day of the year for Palo Alto florist [PHOTOS]

Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of year for florists around the country, and Avenue Florist on California Ave. in Palo Alto is no exception.

The shop, which is owned by Jaleh, a woman who prefers to go by her first name (“It’s how everybody knows me,” she says), expects to field 250 orders when all is said and done. That doesn’t include the bevy of patrons expected on Valentine’s Day itself.

“This is nothing,” Jaleh said of the stream of phone and online orders. “We’re just getting ready for the storm.”

Although one may expect that the traditional bouquet of roses is the most popular, various floral arrangement of pink, purple and red hues are also in demand. Bouquets take five minutes to put together, “if you’re experienced,” said one employee. “Otherwise it can take an hour.”

That five minutes does not include cleaning and trimming the flowers, however, which can take half an hour for a dozen roses.

Since flowers are such a popular purchase this time of year, sellers often raise prices, meaning that traditional bouquet of roses comes at a higher cost. Avenue Florist is selling their rose arrangements for $85, while high-style bouquets like the one pictured below cost $65.

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