Cloned trees, clean tech and Tesla’s newest car headline Peninsula Report (PODCAST)

On today’s Peninsula Report radio show, Jessica Parks shared the story of the 200-year-old sycamore tree, Sentinel, that signaled settlers had finally reached San Jose. The city lost the tree to disease in 2000, but residents were able to save a few of the branches in hopes of replanting a clone of the tree one day. As Parks reported, San Jose did just that last month.

David Ruiz gave a report from last week’s State of the Valley conference in San Jose. He discussed how investment in clean tech is on the rise in Silicon Valley, but experts say there is more that must be done for the region to remain on the cutting edge.

And Stephanie Soderborg detailed news from Palo Alto’s luxury car maker Tesla, which announced better-than-expected annual earnings this week and unveiled the new Model X to mixed public review.

Listen live to KZSU (FM 90.1) or stream the Peninsula Report online every Friday from 3-4 p.m.

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  1. So grad to hear the news about the sycamore tree!
    We used to have two 150-year-old gingko trees in my school.Yet the school lost them during the relocation process due to imappropriate replanting.The trees used to be a kind of symbol for the school.I was very sad because I always regarded such it part of my precious memory.

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