‘The Help’ Today — Domestic workers care for American children, often leaving their own

This video is the second in a three-part multimedia series examining the lives of domestic workers – “The Help” – in the Bay Area. Part I of the series examines the domestic workers who have come together to advocate for fair wages and labor practices. In part III, two domestic workers share the sacrifices they made when their own children were young, and how those sacrifices have paid off now that those children are in college.

“We do the role of the mom,” said Enma Delgado, an immigrant from El Salvador who works at least four hours per week taking care of children and 12 hours per week cleaning homes in San Francisco. She left three children of her own in El Salvador and has not seen them in eight years, but sends money and packages home to help support them.

In California alone, there are 200,000 domestic workers cleaning homes and caring for children, the disabled and the elderly. Seventy-three percent of these workers were not born in the United States and often work long hours with salaries below the minimum wage.

This video tells Delgado’s story.


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