‘The Help’ Today — domestic workers try to give their children brighter futures (VIDEO)

This video is the final installment in a three-part multimedia series examining the lives of domestic workers – “The Help” – in the Bay Area. Part I of the series focuses on the domestic workers who have come together to advocate for fair wages and labor practices. Part II profiles Enma Delgado, a Bay Area nanny from El Salvador who left her own three children behind to work caring for American children.

In California alone, there are 200,000 domestic workers. Nannies dedicate their lives to child care, undoubtedly influencing the children of their employers as well as their own.  However, they are not covered by wage and hour protections afforded other workers, often underpaid and overworked. Nannies often make difficult sacrifices in regards to raising their own children. Especially here in Silicon Valley, high-powered families rely on the work of these women in order for them to live their lives. Yet, these are the same women whose stories are rarely told.

In this video, two domestic workers share the sacrifices they made when their own children were young in attempt to give those children brighter futures.

Jennifer Gonzalez, Camira Powell, Claudia Monica Nunez, Maria Teresa Bouza Corral and Jessica Parks contributed to this report.


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