Winterizing the touchscreen — new tech allows users to wear gloves and more [VIDEO]

Touch screen technology has become a ubiquitous sight today to where we often forget it only appeared in devices six years ago when Apple released its first iPhone. The booming success of touch screens since 2007 has led to smartphones, tablets, GPS devices and even ATMs taking advantage of touch screen technology to deliver a tactile experience to the user. But don’t let their pervasiveness deceive you: the mechanics behind touch screens are unexpectedly complicated.

Synaptics Inc. (NASDAQ: SYNA) is a semi-conductor company that develops touchscreen technology. Andrew Hsu, technology strategist at Synaptics, discusses the newest innovations in touch sensors that produces the most responsive touch screen to date. Not only does this new sensor enable original equipment manufacturers like Samsung, LG and Nokia to build a smaller device but also allows the user to touch the screen with gloves on, which is a large benefit for users living in cold weather.


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